Shorts (1).

Today is an unusual day.

The setting is a bar in New York.

Now is 3 am, and lucky for Sam that she doesn’t have to go to work tomorrow, so she just can lay back and enjoy her drink.

Sorry, “enjoy” might be an incorrect word to articulate.


“It’s still unusual to see you up to this late, Sam.”

“You know me well, boss.”

“I do. It’s roughly 3 years. From then.”

She drinks.


She was trying hard to get things done in the work lately. But then when she knew she could do it, she had no reason to blame the one who distributed the workload or even blame herself. But she did. The more she put on heavy words on her chief the more she felt bad about herself. But have I mentioned that today is unusual? She might do the thing that nobody even thinks about. No, she does not end up dying, as that what people most think about, and we could see that as insurance of a happy story. Or is it?

“I know that she is lying. But I am not so sure whether I should say it out.”

“Why not?”

“If I said it, I have to admit that I am a hypocrite. And a hypocrite and a liar are not that different.”

“Sam, you are a terrible person.”

“Ah, you noticed.”

A second shot.


“It’s been three years. You only do the same thing over and over. I bet you do not see the difference.”

“Boss, stop advising me what to do. And especially not my order ‘cause I have another please.”

They laughed. And the boss tossed her the third one.

“I still can’t believe you can live with her. You can just run away.”

She did. She ran from responsibility. She chose the name Sam because it’s non-binary. And disguise her with a man cover but deep inside there’s nothing but a fragile soul. She did not admit it though. As now it is time to run.

“Then, what’s about it?”

Today is an unusual day, because she will not do it, as the other would also do the same.


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