Bui Phan Quan Anh

BEIJING, July 30 (Xinhua) – Laca coffee 24 Ly Quoc Su witnessed an award – giving ceremony for a numerous of delegates. Needless to say, it is a fun and memorable night for all who have devoted themselves to every conference session in particular, and VYMUN in general.

This closing ceremony, though was not appeared to be fully participated by all the delegates, didn’t seem to lose it usual emotional atmosphere.

Regarding the award –  press corps journalists, it is noticeable that there were lack of huge amount of participants, not to mention the press director. And, ironically, the best delegate was also absent from the ceremony. However, as his name was called, a fandom of girls couldn’t stop themselves for screaming their voice over. As it also recalled – Tran The Anh, the name was well – known among not only Chinese cabinet but also JCC delegations on the whole, not the journalist who devoted herself to constantly write the Chinese commands and run to submit the paper the crisis team like a four – legged animal.

As the award ceremony ended, Sec Gen gave her last speech and the night prom is coming, and soon to an end, each delegates swirled themselves to every single beat, each of them soon to realize that this experience, their version of VYMUN, is an epitome of the most valuable thing that can’t be hold or taken, that four days of VYMUN just turns into a blink of an eye, collapse into a moment. As the music is still on, individuals who were separate during the day begin to lose uniqueness, to leak distinctiveness, melting into a soft psychic collective. As the hands of the clock slice deeper into the shadows, physics weakens, the rigid you and I of things breaks down. During this hours, we’re all in this together, our spirits spooned into one.


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