Thom Saliot, Bared Feet Blue Dress

I am a dreamy person.

I used to spend most of my time doodling around and flying in cloud nines, till something actually hit me off the ground, mostly was my mom quarrelling me for not helping her with household chores. I’m also like being alone, sometimes, I suppose. When nobody’s around, I can wear my mom’s dresses and walking in bared feet, which my mom prohibit me not to do. Oh it’s not about the dress. Actually, she encourage me to wear more dresses, since I’ve always bought boyish clothes. I want to be strong and powered in front of people, and wearing dresses is only a new way of attractiveness. I feel like me in both types of clothes, but wearing dresses is less favourable, when me not actually have found a perfect one, and boyish clothes seems more comfortable.

I think.

Sometimes it’s hard to encapsulate the feeling of your reflection in the mirror looks so beautiful and empowered, and what makes your boring, little routines brighten up your day, glorified you with confidence.

Someone just see me as a guy in real life. I don’t bother others’ judgments that much. Be yourself, and me as a human can flee tolerably between male and female. People might think of me as a disgust matter and none identifying sexual human if I expose myself too much. Overtime, observing the world and the human themselves, I know how to deal with them, mostly, and trying to be socialized. I’m proud of myself as a sociable introvert. Either hanging out with friends or wearing dresses at home, seems all fine to me.

What should I wear today, I wonder, dress or pants?


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