I like my 6 a.m morning run. I don’t have this old habit of mine until I read Haruki Murakami’s aptly titled What I talk about when I talk about running. It’s funny to think that what inspired to my running was a book. You’ll understand if you read it.

To some extent, my passion about running is different from Murakami’s. For him, running brings him energy which help his lifestyle as a writer. He suggests that writers should balance balance the toll of writing with some sort of enriching, beneficial element, that with poor self-care you will unable to last long in writing career. There’s a quote from the book saying that: “To deal with something unhealthy, a person needs to be as healthy as possible. That’s my motto. In other words, an unhealthy soul requires a healthy body.” 

You see, I am not a writer, but also take much effort in writing blogs. I am not an avid runner either, but the love of running is still there. Like every runners, I am motivated by an individual goal more than everything, a time I want to beat. If my score today is better than the last day, I feel like an achievement. I enjoy testing myself through challenges and risks. The high element of challenges makes me feel alive, defines what I am made of and how far I can take myself. Sometimes, running in the morning just draws me into a state which I become absorbed in pursuits that focus the mind completely on the present. Just talk a deep breath and you can feel everything.

Summer breeze. The wind. Surrounding sound. And a clear mind.


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