No Face

Shaping your own fear, is somewhat very interesting and unique. The story is maybe a key for many people, like the authors, to untangle a part of themselves by, simply, accepting your own fear. This story is worth spreading, for sure.

Patrick W. Marsh

Closure. Connection. Comprehension. I’m not sure if these are the perfect words for what I want out of myself. They just look safe. They just seem like the type of diction people find in their lives that makes them understand what they’re all about. I’ve hated people for it. Knowing themselves, understanding their limitations and aspirations. I’m not sure how anyone can actually know these things about their life. The world, reality, it constantly flows like some secret river in a haunted cave with a ghoul fishing it. You never really understand it. Chaos appears. Happiness too. They swing back and forth like that pixel-forged pendulum from the intro to Chrono Trigger. This is the nature of our existence.

I guess I just get jealous of other people because they appear to have control. They present this illusion that they have the answer to every question life will throw at…

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