Supposed title: how to be natural

The fun thing is, when you think about how to be natural, you are actually not natural at all. The concept of being natural, on the other hand, is to forget being it. And when you make attempts to forget it, you are actually leaving deep mark in your subconsciousness.

So in the end, there’s no way of being natural, deliberately. What you are actually looking for, is somewhat called conditioned reflex. Try to tell about your name, where you are currently living, and what do you feel right now, just under 3 seconds. You will find it easy, because the answers are already learned by heart. But when it comes to behaviours and to “act natural”, things just can’t work out the same way.

How can someone be natural when each of them has their own definitions of being natural, they all have different kinds of individual characteristics, and in most of the part, their instant actions toward different kinds of pop-up events are also based on their own traits. And furthermore, how can we define what is actually natural? We can’t, of course, and we shouldn’t. Things just get better if we go along with our own value and color, a proud being, rather than act like somebody you think to yourself that is natural. Stop hiding yourself, copycat.

As there are too much “natural” person in the current time, is it the one who has the most distinguished self, is the one who stand in spotlight?


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